Typeface & Heroes opening at the Qpasa Bar & Bistro on the 2nd of August

Typeface & Heroes

Typeface & heroes is an art exhibition of Brian Omolo’s  latest works The typeface artworks are a little autobiographical; they are little wisdoms and experiences that the artist has picked up along his  journey as designer, boiled down into a series of artworks that people can enjoy.

 The hero artworks are an attempt to show a cross cultural upbringing. Growing up, Brian loved heroes like superman and batman but also loved hearing about the mighty animals of the wild like lions, tigers and gorillas so the idea of mixing them together to see awesomeness happen was quite fascinating.

The exhibition opens at the Qpasa Bar & Bistro on 2nd August 2013


Kuona Trust June Newsletter

Kuona Trust June Newsletter

Ongoing events

Print making workshop

Premier Swedish print maker Anki Kallstrom is currently conducting a print making workshop focused on the basic techniques of block print and intaglio. Those attending the workshop had the opportunity to learn how to prepare images from printing plates,  using the printing press as well as  printing on different materials including paper and fabric.

Participants will showcase the output of the workshop at the end of the week. Keep it here for the pictures.

‘Paradigm’- a collaboration between Kuona Trust and Kobo Trust

Paradigm is the title of  a group exhibition by three Kuona artists- Cyrus Kabiru, Dennis Muraguri and Sidney Mang’ong’o which officially opened at the Village market on the 10th of July 2013.

The art work on display is an output of the artists’ studio practice during the one year period  they were sponsored by the Kobo Trust. The trust sponsored the artists by helping them pay their studio rent and purchase  art materials

The Kobo trust continues to work closely with Kuona Trust and is already looking into sponsoring new artists for the second half of the year.

poster (1)

The exhibition is on till the  18th  of July 2013 at the Village Market.

Past events

Nai Ni Who? Project

Nai Ni Who? poster

Nai Ni Who? poster

The Nai Ni Who? (Who is Nairobi?) project took Nairobi by storm, with already four festivals done, there is no holding back. The ambitious project by the GoDown Art Centre had the aim of creating festivals around different zones in Nairobi to create a sense of community and ownership. People had the chance to celebrate what they felt was represented their neighborhood best in a week long festival that saw hundreds of people join the cause and spread the message on various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Kuona Trust pioneered the zone ten festival with back to back activities happening in all the major traffic areas and malls among others.

Some of the highlights from the week are as follows.

Screening of the film ‘Premier/Divisions’ by Chris Paul Daniels at the Yaya Centre roof top. The film is an output of a residency programme at Kuona Trust in which Chris sheds light on the divisions that cut across the modern Kenyan society with particular reference to tribe and social class.

Premier/Divisions is to preview in the UK alongside the  Manchester International Festival

Links: Chris Paul Daniels blog spot


Screening of Kirik at the Kenyatta National Hospital children’s cancer ward. This was an extension of an ongoing project by various artists who teach an art class twice a week to the young ones.

Children and their caretakers watching a movie

Children and their caretakers watching a movie

The C-stunners and graffiti public art projects

NAI NI WHO1 stunners

The yoga sessions with the Yoga Africa project who conducted two yoga sessions during the Nai Ni Who? Week and the street March from Kilimani primary.

Street march

Street march

Planet Tiba run by the Maasai Mbili art centre and a few friends including Maya Von Lekow. Onlookers were treated to some tasty colored maize that was well roasted by the team.

Planet Tiba

Planet Tiba

Weaver bird Art camp

Kuona trust collaborated with Weaver bird founder Collin Sekajugo in this the just concluded art  that took place in Masaka, Uganda.. Five artists from Kuona spent a week in Masaka, actively interacting with the community and introducing them to the fundamentals of sculpting as a form of visual art.

Weaver bird

Screening ‘I am breathing’

‘I Am Breathing ‘ is a moving film by Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon which tells the story of a young man who suffers from Motor Neuron Disease and eventually succumbs to the disease  14 months after diagnosis.


The screening was organized by DOCUBOX, a newly established documentary film fund for East Africa founded by Judy Kibinge. This was as part of a global initiative to show the same film in over 100 cities all over the world on the same day and also create awareness on the disease whose cause had remained a mystery and had no known cure.

Picture of the Month

The New Kuona Trust gate

The New Kuona Trust gate

It is said that that first impressions are most crucial, they determine how others relate with us and the image they carry of us  hence fourth,being an artistic space we decided to follow suit and we thus unveil our new look gate.

We acknowledge the following artists for their hard work and creativity- Jacqueline Karuti, Kevin Oduor, David Mwaniki, Anthony Wanjau, Tonney Mugo and Lionel Garang, Meshack Oiro and Dennis Muraguri led ably by Mutheu Mbondo.


Have a wonderful month 🙂

‘Tea time for 216’ works by Miriam Kings

   ‘Tea for 216’  is a showcase of works by Miriam Kings drawn from her journey through Kirinyaga County.

Looking out at the valley (1)

The photographs show the beauty of Kirinyaga district that is rich with red-coloured soil and valleys filled with vegetation around the foothills of Mount Kenya.

They also depict subjects, such as sufrias and colorful buckets, which are symbolic of the role of women in nourishing the community through cooking, cleaning, and teaching.

This exhibition traces a journey back into Kabare, a community in Kirinyaga district where I spent seven years of my childhood. The photos and video were taken at the local girls boarding school, a theological college library, homes and shambas of old family friends.

When visiting homes of old family friends, I was shown photo albums that included a few photos of my family when we lived in Kabare. Looking at the photos I saw myself as an ‘Other’ through the lens of Kenyan families, that provided me with a new insight into myself. From this complex moment, I saw an opportunity to unpack a myriad of threads in history.

Initially, I took a few pictures of old photo albums only to show family back home. But as a I looked closer, I saw flashes of a deep disturbing colonial legacy which I felt compelled to share. In one example chosen it pictures, two ‘wazungu’ children sitting near the center of a wedding photo, both holding the larger flower baskets. Why did we have larger flower baskets  in contrast to the smaller or lack of flowers the other bridesmaids had? Was it because we could afford to buy them or because we were chosen to hold them?
I’m interested in the utility of art, the aesthetic providing a dialogue on subjects that are taboo, contentious, and not examined in public consciousness/conversation due to sensitive or delicate nature

Miriam is an artist and curator born in London who lived in Kenya from 1984-1991.Both her artistic and political interests are related to issues of human geography and community formation.

Links: www.miriamkings.co.uk

The photographs will be on display in the Kuona gallery from the 10th- 15th July 2013.

Open daily from Monday- Saturday

Kuona Trust May Newletter

The month of May was marked by a premier screenings of an African film, exhibitions and workshops among other events. Here is a look at all the activities that went down at Kuona trust in the month of May.

The Unsellable art exhibition

Art may be regarded as the safest way to speak about issues that are considered politically incorrect or that touch on social matters most people shun from talking about.

The National museum of Kenya organized a one of a kind exhibition showcasing art work that was both evocative and provoking. Artists had the chance to show work based on the same theme, some of which had never been seen by the public.

The exhibition took place at the Creativity Gallery of the National Museum of Kenya from May 21st to June 4th 2013.

unsellable art

Gallery installation

What started out as a group of friends working from home in a small house in Kibera  evolved into an art club going by the name ‘the Jolly Boys Club’ where the artists teach art to anyone who has sufficient interest in learning  new techniques. The pioneer of this project, Gor Soudan has managed to bring art closer to the people with his fellow counterparts, Andrew Njoroge and  Mbuthia Maina. Like the three musketeers they have managed to rally the community around them and inject some creativity into them.

The three artists had the chance to display some of the work they had done in the Kuona gallery featuring the work of a young boy who had recently learnt the art of painting.

Jolly boys club presentation

Jolly boys club presentation

IP  workshop

The day long ‘Know your Intellectual Property’ workshop was facilitated at NaiLab by IP Checkin, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law ( CiPIT) and Kenya Copyright Board (KeCOBO)
This workshop covered copyright, Infringement, Protecting your IP, Agreements, Rights and the different ways you can make a living off your Intellectual Property.

It was proudly sponsored by Creatives Garage, BAKE, POWO, Craft Afrika, PAWA254 and Arterial Network.

For more information, please visit the organizations’ respective websites.


Rwanda workshops

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda opened its doors to sculpture artists and students majoring in sculpture art from East African countries. The six day workshop held at the National Art Gallery in Nyanza took place between the 12th and 18th of May 2013

The workshop was supervised by three artists: Medard Bizimana (RW), Lilian Nabulime (UG) and Peterson Kamwathi (KE).They developed sketches with the participants which were later showcased in the exhibition ‘Kingship & Kinship’ which focused on depicting the last 3 kings of Rwanda.

Kuona Trust was well represented by a staff member who managed to attend the workshop and the exhibition opening.

One of the collaborative works from the workshop

One of the collaborative works from the workshop

Japanese artists from Nishio Workshop Nairobi at Kuona

Nishio workshop Nairobi is a new organization that fosters artistic exchanged between artists in Japan and Kenya through residencies and exhibitions

They were able to facilitate an artist presentation by two Japanese artists Yukihiro Taguchi & Shuta Hasunuma.

Yukihiro Taguchi specializes in video, animation, drawing and installation. He creates unique animation using stop motion technique. Yukihiro  was awarded the excellent prize in the Japan Media Arts Festival (2008 ) .http://yukihirotaguchi.com/

Shuta Hasunum works in contemporary music and installation. He has released a variety of music albums from both Japanese and abroad labels. Link-http://www.shutahasunuma.com/

The two artists had the opportunity to share their work and engage with the other artists at Kuona.

nishio artists (5)

Artists from Nishio Workshop giving a presentation

In the case of books

Jackie Karuti, a visual artist and performer based at Kuona Trust did a dust up the libreraies project. Together with other book lovers, they were able to dust the shelves on 8 libraries within Nairobi including home and public libraries.

The whole project was aimed at creating an interactive performance around libraries to encourage people to read books.

To know more about the project and other interesting activities log on to Jacqueline Karuti’s blog –The Thirdroom Studios 


The group, cleaning up a library

Tonney Mugo and Peterson Kamwathi,who took part in the project

Tonney Mugo and Peterson Kamwathi,who took part in the project

The buzz around African Art

Undoubtedly, there is growing interest among art collectors and buyers in African art.

In the recent  years,there has been an increase in the number of art work shipped abroad from Africa and the art shows held in galleries abroad.

Al Jazeera’s Nazanine Moshiri reports from Nairobi on the artwork going on sale in one of London’s auction house Bonhams.

Watch the video here


1.Politics of food residency


2.Kenyatta University offering scholarships to art students


3. Arts diary residency opportunity


Picture of the month

Nai Ni who? festival

Nai Ni who? festival

Kuona artists and staff at the  C -stunners public art performance,in collaboration with the Nai ni Who? project.

Read more about this in next month’s newsletter.

Plug in and give us your feedback:

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Quote: “ What moves men to genius..what inspires their work,is not new ideas but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough” -Eugene Delacroix

Have a great month!

Politics of Food Residency

Delfina Foundation



Delfina Foundation (DF) is inviting artists, curators, writers, film makers and other cultural practitioners interested in exploring issues surrounding the politics of food to apply for our first theme-based residency, scheduled to run from mid January to mid April 2014.

From Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurist Cooking to Gordon Matta Clark’s Food restaurant and more recently Michael Rakowitz’s Enemy Kitchen, artists have long employed food within their practice and creative process. But beyond the concept of cooking and eating as a performative act, the last decade has witnessed a proliferation of cultural practitioners and artist interrogating the global politics and ethics of food production, distribution and consumption.  Moreover, food has also been used by cultural practitioners as a means of understanding complex histories and questioning current issues, from neoliberalism to globalisation.

By bringing together practitioners from different creative fields, DF would like to explore how artistic strategies have and can be used to address wide-ranging issues related to food, agriculture, human rights and the environment. DF is particularly interested in practitioners whose work transgresses the boundaries between art and every day life.

By creating a focussed environment, DF aims to facilitate collaborative exchange fostering new ideas and projects. DF will support peer-to-peer conversations between residents through a series of informal gatherings and meals, as well as targeted organisational visits and opportunities to engage with artists, academics and researchers interested in the same lines of inquiry.  These internal events will be complemented with an external public programme of talks, screenings, dinners and panel discussions presenting the work, ideas and exchanges taking place.

The politics of food residency will launch a new residency model at DF around seasonal programmes, during which artists, curators and thinkers will be invited to stay at the foundation for short and long residencies to jointly discuss and explore salient issues in contemporary art. While DF has had a strong connection with the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) over the last six years, applicants from the around the world are invited to apply to this new programme which focuses on supporting common practices from the MENASA regions, alongside practitioners from other parts of the world.

The selected resident(s) will receive: A 12-week residency at DF in London, including accommodation in our newly opened premises in Victoria, one economy return flight, a bursary for per diems and a local travel allowance.

Application process

Applications are open to individuals from all nationalities as long as they are proficient in English.

DF is seeking applicants who have an interest in issues surrounding the politics of food but this need not be the sole or main inquiry in their practice.  We encourage applicants from the MENASA regions as well.

Applicants are expected to submit:

– A completed application form which will include a description of a project related to the politics of food theme that they have carried out, are working on or would like to develop in the future

– Recent CV/resume

– Portfolio (only one pdf file). Although there is no maximum number of images that will be accepted, we advise applicants to only submit relevant materials to reduce the size of email submissions. The images should include captions or short descriptions. For videos/films, please provide links to your own website, Vimeo page, YouTubepage, etc.  Do not attach actual video files.

Please submit only electronic copies of the above in ONE email under 8 MB to: residency@delfinafoundation.com.

In the subject line of your email, please specify:  Politics of Food Residency.


Open Call: 10 June to 29 July 2013

Artists short-listed: 1 August 2013

Interviews with short-listed artists through Skype: 1 to 15 August 2013

Announcement of Selection: 19 August 2013

Residency Length: mid January – mid April 2014

Closing date for applications: 29 July 2013, 17:00 GMT


Films screening at the Spanish embassy


 The Embassy of Spain in Nairobi is pleased to outline the titles and dates of the films being shown at the Embassy throughout 2013:

Spain in the Kenyan European Film Festival:

  1. Tuesday, 11th June – “Celda 211” (Cell number 211) (2009). Thriller.


More classical films:

  1. Tuesday, 9th July – “El Abuelo” (The Grandfather), directed by José Luis Garci (1998).
  2. Tuesday, 23rd July – Las 13 Rosas (The 13 roses), directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (2007).


Film series on comedies:

  1. Tuesday, 10th September – “Los muertos van deprisa, una historia de percebes” (The dead go fast) directed by Ángel de la Cruz (2011).
  2. Tuesday, 24th September – “Extraterrestre, una marcianada” (Extraterrestrial) directed by Nacho Vigalondo (2011).
  3. Tuesday, 8th October – “Un cuento chino” (A Chinese Tale) directed by Sebastian Borensztein (2011).


Documentary film on Spanish Culture:

  1. Tuesday, 22nd Octuber – “Flamenco de raíz” (Flamenco Root) (2011), a documentary on the social identity of flamenco.


Film series on thrillers:

  1. Tuesday, 12th November – “Mientras duermes” (While you sleep), directed by Jaume Balaguero (2011).
  2. Tuesday, 26th November – “Silencio en la nieve” (Silence in the snow) directed by Gerardo Herrero (2011).
  3. Tuesday, 10th December – “No habrá paz para los malvados” (There will be no peace for the wicked) directed by Enrique Urbizu (2011).


Please remember that the films at the Embassy are shown free of charge and that all films are in Spanish with subtitles in English.


Location:     The Embassy of Spain, 3rd Floor of the CBA building in Upperhill.

Days:            On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month as described above.

Time:             From 5pm. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL.


Looking forward to see you there and thank you for sharing this information with your friends.




Nai Ni who? Celebrating zone 10

ni who

Calling for the participation of all residents in zone 10- Ng’ong road,Kilimani, Adams,Ng’umo Area

From the 7th to the 14th of June 2013, we will be celebrating our zone as part of the Nai Ni Who? project

How well do you know your area? Who makes up zone 10? What would you like to celebrate in  your area?

Lots of cool activities lined up for you this week;we have a street party ,film screenings, food tastings, nyama choma plots and lots of activities lined up for you, so put on your seat belts and get ready  for action.

We start off with the opening of a one of a kind exhibition at Kuona Trust this Friday,  ‘Beyond stereotypes’ by Tonney Mugo from 6pm. There will also be a screening of the film ‘Ni Sisi’ by Safe Ghetto at Day star university the same day from 2pm.

Follow us on twitter @Kuona_trust and @NaiNiWho for more details.You can tag us in all the interesting pictures and videos you take of things happening in and around the festival.

Lets all plug in 🙂