Kuona Trust May Newletter

The month of May was marked by a premier screenings of an African film, exhibitions and workshops among other events. Here is a look at all the activities that went down at Kuona trust in the month of May.

The Unsellable art exhibition

Art may be regarded as the safest way to speak about issues that are considered politically incorrect or that touch on social matters most people shun from talking about.

The National museum of Kenya organized a one of a kind exhibition showcasing art work that was both evocative and provoking. Artists had the chance to show work based on the same theme, some of which had never been seen by the public.

The exhibition took place at the Creativity Gallery of the National Museum of Kenya from May 21st to June 4th 2013.

unsellable art

Gallery installation

What started out as a group of friends working from home in a small house in Kibera  evolved into an art club going by the name ‘the Jolly Boys Club’ where the artists teach art to anyone who has sufficient interest in learning  new techniques. The pioneer of this project, Gor Soudan has managed to bring art closer to the people with his fellow counterparts, Andrew Njoroge and  Mbuthia Maina. Like the three musketeers they have managed to rally the community around them and inject some creativity into them.

The three artists had the chance to display some of the work they had done in the Kuona gallery featuring the work of a young boy who had recently learnt the art of painting.

Jolly boys club presentation

Jolly boys club presentation

IP  workshop

The day long ‘Know your Intellectual Property’ workshop was facilitated at NaiLab by IP Checkin, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law ( CiPIT) and Kenya Copyright Board (KeCOBO)
This workshop covered copyright, Infringement, Protecting your IP, Agreements, Rights and the different ways you can make a living off your Intellectual Property.

It was proudly sponsored by Creatives Garage, BAKE, POWO, Craft Afrika, PAWA254 and Arterial Network.

For more information, please visit the organizations’ respective websites.


Rwanda workshops

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda opened its doors to sculpture artists and students majoring in sculpture art from East African countries. The six day workshop held at the National Art Gallery in Nyanza took place between the 12th and 18th of May 2013

The workshop was supervised by three artists: Medard Bizimana (RW), Lilian Nabulime (UG) and Peterson Kamwathi (KE).They developed sketches with the participants which were later showcased in the exhibition ‘Kingship & Kinship’ which focused on depicting the last 3 kings of Rwanda.

Kuona Trust was well represented by a staff member who managed to attend the workshop and the exhibition opening.

One of the collaborative works from the workshop

One of the collaborative works from the workshop

Japanese artists from Nishio Workshop Nairobi at Kuona

Nishio workshop Nairobi is a new organization that fosters artistic exchanged between artists in Japan and Kenya through residencies and exhibitions

They were able to facilitate an artist presentation by two Japanese artists Yukihiro Taguchi & Shuta Hasunuma.

Yukihiro Taguchi specializes in video, animation, drawing and installation. He creates unique animation using stop motion technique. Yukihiro  was awarded the excellent prize in the Japan Media Arts Festival (2008 ) .http://yukihirotaguchi.com/

Shuta Hasunum works in contemporary music and installation. He has released a variety of music albums from both Japanese and abroad labels. Link-http://www.shutahasunuma.com/

The two artists had the opportunity to share their work and engage with the other artists at Kuona.

nishio artists (5)

Artists from Nishio Workshop giving a presentation

In the case of books

Jackie Karuti, a visual artist and performer based at Kuona Trust did a dust up the libreraies project. Together with other book lovers, they were able to dust the shelves on 8 libraries within Nairobi including home and public libraries.

The whole project was aimed at creating an interactive performance around libraries to encourage people to read books.

To know more about the project and other interesting activities log on to Jacqueline Karuti’s blog –The Thirdroom Studios 


The group, cleaning up a library

Tonney Mugo and Peterson Kamwathi,who took part in the project

Tonney Mugo and Peterson Kamwathi,who took part in the project

The buzz around African Art

Undoubtedly, there is growing interest among art collectors and buyers in African art.

In the recent  years,there has been an increase in the number of art work shipped abroad from Africa and the art shows held in galleries abroad.

Al Jazeera’s Nazanine Moshiri reports from Nairobi on the artwork going on sale in one of London’s auction house Bonhams.

Watch the video here


1.Politics of food residency


2.Kenyatta University offering scholarships to art students


3. Arts diary residency opportunity


Picture of the month

Nai Ni who? festival

Nai Ni who? festival

Kuona artists and staff at the  C -stunners public art performance,in collaboration with the Nai ni Who? project.

Read more about this in next month’s newsletter.

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Quote: “ What moves men to genius..what inspires their work,is not new ideas but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough” -Eugene Delacroix

Have a great month!


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