Films screening at the Spanish embassy


 The Embassy of Spain in Nairobi is pleased to outline the titles and dates of the films being shown at the Embassy throughout 2013:

Spain in the Kenyan European Film Festival:

  1. Tuesday, 11th June – “Celda 211” (Cell number 211) (2009). Thriller.


More classical films:

  1. Tuesday, 9th July – “El Abuelo” (The Grandfather), directed by José Luis Garci (1998).
  2. Tuesday, 23rd July – Las 13 Rosas (The 13 roses), directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (2007).


Film series on comedies:

  1. Tuesday, 10th September – “Los muertos van deprisa, una historia de percebes” (The dead go fast) directed by Ángel de la Cruz (2011).
  2. Tuesday, 24th September – “Extraterrestre, una marcianada” (Extraterrestrial) directed by Nacho Vigalondo (2011).
  3. Tuesday, 8th October – “Un cuento chino” (A Chinese Tale) directed by Sebastian Borensztein (2011).


Documentary film on Spanish Culture:

  1. Tuesday, 22nd Octuber – “Flamenco de raíz” (Flamenco Root) (2011), a documentary on the social identity of flamenco.


Film series on thrillers:

  1. Tuesday, 12th November – “Mientras duermes” (While you sleep), directed by Jaume Balaguero (2011).
  2. Tuesday, 26th November – “Silencio en la nieve” (Silence in the snow) directed by Gerardo Herrero (2011).
  3. Tuesday, 10th December – “No habrá paz para los malvados” (There will be no peace for the wicked) directed by Enrique Urbizu (2011).


Please remember that the films at the Embassy are shown free of charge and that all films are in Spanish with subtitles in English.


Location:     The Embassy of Spain, 3rd Floor of the CBA building in Upperhill.

Days:            On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month as described above.

Time:             From 5pm. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL.


Looking forward to see you there and thank you for sharing this information with your friends.





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