Publishing/Copyright workshop & Screening of ‘His to Keep’ @ Kuona Trust this Sunday

This Sunday, Kuona will be hosting two exciting events, a publishing workshop and the screening of  ‘His to Keep’

The publishing Workshop will kick off at 2pm and will be facilitated by Vered Ehsan.


Vered Ehsani

Vered Ehsani has been a writer since she could hold pen to paper,which is a lot longer than she cares to admit. Originally from South
Africa, she lives in Kenya with her husband, their two children and an assortment of animals with varying degrees of wildness. When she isn’t writing (, running a radio show ( or daydreaming, she pretends to work as an environmental consultant. Her work background is in engineering and environmental management.

This will be an interactive discussion specifically for writers,publishers, and anyone interested in writing, publishing and e-books.
The agenda will be as follows:
–       Conventional and Self Publishing: the pros, the cons and how to decide
–       Contracts: What you need to think about before you sign
–       Self-publishing: What it is, how to do it and why it’s not for everyone
–       E-publishing: Why and how you should break free of geographical borders

This is absolutely free for all who would want to participate.

For the evening,we will be screening the film: ‘His to Keep’, a short film made in Kenya,written and directed by Amirah Tajdin. Made in conjunction with DYMK Films and 8486 Films.



HIS TO KEEP is a poetic take on the consequences of Kenya’s fight for freedom as seen through the heart broken words of a veteran who feels he lost more than he won during the struggle. Now, in his lonely twilight years, he realises he might have made a sacrifice that ultimately left him with a deep sense of regret and with no loved ones to grow old with.

The screening will take place at Kuona Trust. Doors open at 5pm.
There will be a cover charge of KSH 200  .
 In the meantime please watch the trailer here
All are welcome



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