Artist presentation by Japanese artists Yukihiro Taguchi & Shuta Hasunuma

Two resident artists from Nishio Workshop Nairobi-Yukihiro Taguchi & Shuta Hasunuma  will be having a presentation at Kuona Trust tomorrow from 2pm.
This session is open to all who would like to hear more about the work these artists do, their medium, their experience being in Kenya and any other topical interest you may have.
Presentation starts at  2pm, tomorrow 15th May in the gallery space. Read more about the artists below.
Yukihiro Taguchi (video, animation, drawing and installation)

Born in 1980, in Osaka, Japan, currently lives and works in Berlin. He’s participated in exhibitions, residency programs and art projects all over the world such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Cuba and Maldives. He creates unique animation using techniques of stop motion with digital cameras in public places. In his works, existing daily commodities and things can move in a fantastic way, which transforms ordinary situations into the imaginative world. The production process itself contains elements of workshop and performance, intervening surrounding environment or human relationships, then making them different. He was awarded the excellent prize in the Japan Media Arts Festival (2008), solo exhibition in MAM Project 014 in Mori Art Museum(2011).

Shuta Hasunuma (contemporary music and installation)

Born in 1983, lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Hasunuma has released a variety of music albums from both Japanese and abroad label. He composes and plays different genres of music from electronic music, live performance, movie BGM, to orchestral concert. He has joined Japanese and abroad major music festival, exhibitions in museum, fashion shows, art projects. In addition, he records surrounding sounds and movies using music recorder and video camera, editing or composing them into a piece of music, which could be called ‘site-specific’ music.  “Self Titled” and “OK Bamboo” from American label, Western Vinyl, “CC OO” from Japanese label, HEADZ. His solo exhibitions include “have a go at flying from music part3″(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo: Bloomberg Pavilion, 2012) and “soundlike” (Asahi Art Aquare, 2013)


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