Call for Entries for ARTVenice Biennial 2013

Call for Entries for

ARTVenice Biennial 2013

Deadline extended to May 5th, 2013
Dear Art World Mover and Shaker,

The Biennial Project is pleased to announce an open call to artists worldwide for THE ARTVENICE BIENNALE 2013– an online juried competition and digital presentation.


If your dazzling work is selected it will be shown on our website and in a blog posting reaching 3,000 art world movers and shakers. Best of all your art will be presented a digital display at The Biennial Project’s extravagant, VIP event in Venice, Italy during the opening week of The Venice Biennale 55. That’s La Biennale di Venezia for you international folk.


Now how can turn down a shot at fame and fortune like this? The potential for exposure is enormous plus you get to impress your friends with an invitation to one of the most sought after and most fun events at the Venice Biennale 55. The opening week of the The Venice Biennale is the most important week that defines art today. All the art world big shots will be there!! Duh!! It’s a no brainier…we want you to enter! We want the world to see your creations. We want you to be celebrated and wealthy. You must enter!!!


Once again all selected work will be displayed on our website gallery and in a blog posting that reaches an audience of 3,000.  Your work will also will be included in a digital art display to be shown at The Biennial Project’s VIP reception in conjunction with the 2013 Venice Biennale during the opening weekend this June.


In addition the artist who is bestowed the title of Grand Prizewinner will have a solo gallery show on our website, and a solo blog posting of 15 pieces or his/her work to our on-line audience of 3,000.


ENTRY PROCEDURE: Entry is by digital images via email ONLY.  Only one image may be submitted for each work. For each work to be entered, attach a jpeg at a resolution of 72 ppi,

with the longest dimension being 1000 pixels. (Maximum file size is 2 mb.)

Label each file with your last name, first initial, the number corresponding to the entry number and the title of the work (e.g. SmithJ1_BlueDawn).  Only use alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and _ (underscore).


Email all images of your submitted work as attachments along with the following application form (either as an attachment or by copying and pasting it into the body of the email) to:


Videos on YouTube will be accepted (send representative frame of video as a jpg).

Please write to the above e-mail address for more information or if you have questions regarding the exhibition or the prospectus.


Entry Fee and Payment:  The entry fee for ArtVenice Biennale 2013 is $25 (US) for 3 images. Additional images may be submitted at $5 (US) each up to a maximum of 10 images. Payment is by Paypal:


You can Download it at
This is your chance to have your work shown digitally at

The Biennial Projects

VIP Reception for The Opening of The Venice Biennale 2013 being held Sunday June 2, 2013 at

The Biennial Project Villa, Palazzo degli Angeli

on Calle degli Avvocati 3833,

Sestiere di San Marco,








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We know you have heard of the fun-filled adventures of The Biennial Project??  We would love to keep you up to date with our globe-trotting exploits including our recent trip and the Windsor Whitney Biennial in conjunction with the 2012 Whitney Biennial Opening and our upcoming engagement at The 2013 Venice Biennale.Being the law-abiding citizens that we are, we can only keep you in the loop with your permission.


All you have to do is hit “reply” to this email and you won’t miss one fun-filled moment!


Respectfully yours,


The Biennial Project
Feel free to forward this to your friends.
Do not let them or yourself miss the opportunity to become part of the future of post modernism

The Biennial Project is a collaborative project by artists Eric Hess, Anna Salmeron and our bad ass artist friends to explore the nature and  understand the perception of biennial exhibits within the art world, and, in so doing, to develop a  collective body of work that  will be exhibited in as many  biennial exhibits as possible –  especially the really cool ones.


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