POPCAP is a prize for contemporary African photography


POPCAP is a prize for contemporary African photography that is awarded to photographic portfolios dealing with African themes. Submissions will be judged by a panel ofseventeen internationally-sourced judges, with the winning entries publicly exhibited before and during Art Basel 44 and at PhotoIreland 2013, at LagosPhoto and the winner’s photographic collection presented in European Photography magazine.

> The top 5 entries will be exhibited during Art Basel

> The top 5 entries will be on exhibited as part of PhotoIreland 2013

The top 5 entries will be on exhibited as part of LagosPhoto 2013
> The top 5 entries are considered to get published in European Photography

> The top 5 entries will be included in the piclet.org artists directory

The competition is open to photographers of any age and descent. Eligible submissions are visual narratives comprising between 10 and 25 images, and must relate to an African theme. There is no entry fee. The winners are selected by 18 internationally renowned judges.

POPCAP ’13 – About

POPCAP was awarded for the first time in 2012, with five winners chosen from 140 submissions by a panel of nine internationally-sourced judges. This year the five chosen works will be presented to both the international arts community and the general public during Art Basel 44 as well as at PhotoIreland 2013. During POPCAP ‘13 we will aim to maintain a constant discourse regarding African topics through public events running alongside the exhibition, with the overall objective of enhancing awareness of African themes in the arts. Due to its extensive application in a day-to-day context, we consider photography to be the ideal medium from which to foster an unhindered exchange of ideas. Atpiclet.org we are interested in the idea of bringing networking back into the real world via social media and events such as POPCAP ‘13.piclet.org was launched in 2009 by Berlin-based media artist Benjamin Fuglister as an international online portal for the presentation of contemporary photographers’ portfolios and as an international directory of important festivals, creative publications and institutions for photography.

For more info visit http://www.piclet.org/home/POPCAP–13-About.html


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