Up close & Candid with artist of the week Omosh Kindeh

Omosh Kindeh

Omosh Kindeh

Name:    Omosh Kindeh

Links: http://kuonatrust.org/omosh-kindeh/

1.Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is omosh kindeh. I have been an artist for 13 years.

2. What other interest do you have apart from art?

Well..am quite an observer and that is my biggest inspiration as an artist.

3. For how long have you been at Kuona and what has been your experience?

I joined Kuona in March 2000. In  2004 I left Kuona to join an association with other artist based at Mamba Village but I came back again in 2008.

Kuona trust has given me more exposure.The community kind of life at Kuona has also made me see more advantages in the art industry.

4. Your work seems  to revolve around buildings, why is that so?

Yes, I grew up in a ‘civilized’ location where all buildings we similar and no flat buildings were around the homestead. I got to see flat houses in my adulthood and the perception I had about those living in them is that as they were the richest in the society.

Painting by Omosh Kindeh

Painting by Omosh Kindeh

5. What are you currently working on?

I am painting some corner area around my hood in eastlands.

One of the previous works by Omosh

One of the previous works by Omosh

6. What is your view of the Kenyan art scene?

We need to educate the locals on appreciating art. We also need to open up more avenues to showcase art. However, compared to 5  years ago, I can see rapid growth in the art scene. Artists need to be selfish and refuse to be controlled by the market.

7. Tell us about M/eat the artist.

This was an idea that Dennis Muraguri, Gor Sudan, Els and Meshack Oiro came up with. They wanted to broaden the art market, let artists known and create an avenue where artists serve their clients better than it was before. Art was showcased in artists’ home or friends of artists’ homes.

Omosh Kindeh during one of the m/eat the artist sessions

Omosh Kindeh and guests during one of the m/eat the artist sessions

8. Would you say it’s possible to make a living through art as your only source of livelihood in Kenya?

It is possible to make a living out of art but it comes with many challenges. At the initial stages in the art industry it is tough but as you go into the art scene, it gets easy.

9. You won last year’s Manjano exhibition-how was that like and what do you think of this year’s selection?

Last year I was caught by surprise when I was pronounced winner of the Manjano Exhibition. I worked on the 2 pieces for 4 days. This year’s Manjano Exhibition winner,Wycliff Opondo deserved the price. Purple captures moments and the ghetto story behind Wiki’s painting. When wiki was working on the piece we would sit, talk and remind ourselves of life in ghetto.

Wycliff Opondo,this year's Manjano exhibition winner

Wycliff Opondo,this year’s Manjano exhibition winner

10. Any advice to other upcoming artists?

Practice perseverance and be hardworking.


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