Kuona artist Cyrus Kabiru selected as one of this year’s TED fellows

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Packed house, check. Excited buzz, check. It’s time for TED2013 Fellows talks!

Session 1
Tunde Jegede, composer
Nigerian-British composer and musician Tunde Jegede opens the session with his kora, the West African 21-string bridge harp. Sitting curled around the instrument, his fingers deftly pluck the strings, making a sound like rain dancing on water.

Ryan Holladay, musical artist
Ryan Holladay uses technology to dream up new ways to interact with and experience music in everyday life. Using location-aware mobile apps, he and his brother Hays augment landscapes with music, creating compositions that unfold as listeners move around in space. In a piece created for the National Mall in Washington, DC, people traverse the park with headphones on as a musical score unfolds, creating a journey of sound based on their own chosen trajectory — a choose-our-own-adventure aural experience that includes the sounds of instruments warming up, violins and a choir…

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