Jan van Esch’s second Solo exhibition in Nairobi



ArtNairobi and Le Rustique have the pleasure to invite you to Jan van Esch second solo exhibition in Nairobi.


Opening 15th of Feb 6-9pm at Le Rustique Restaurant



Chalk and Wood

“In 2011 I had a blackboard in my house to draw a daily picture or write down a thought. Some days I worked out an idea in more details, and then one day I would wipe it all out. After weeks the blackboard got covered with more or less permanent wipes and stripes and I got more and more fascinated by these marks left, and started to experiment on the board by using dry or wet cloths to wipe out the chalk. What was left looked like 3-d drawings, with lines going in and out of each other, with more or less white left, leaving hints of text and old drawings in between the streaks”

                                         In conversation with Jan van Esch, January 2013


Jan is an artist and part time manager of Nafasi Art Space, a contemporary art project in Tanzania. It took several countries and – Netherlands, Russia, USA, Nigeria and currently Tanzania – and different educational angles – Theatre school, Anthropology and Public Health – before choosing settling as an artist. He received training from Andrei Volkov in Moscow, a member of an old painter’s family, and is further mostly self-trained. He has shown his work in solo and groups exhibitions in Tanzania and Kenya over the last years.


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