VIONGOZI-a refreshing outlook on our presidential hopefuls



With the election fever building up, most of us are keen on following opinion polls and joining in on discussions on the streets or at work concerning politics and more so who to elect. The  clock is  ticking and with just under 45 days to the big day, most people are still watching,waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the general election.

On a rather light note, one artist Brian Omolo , takes us through a  journey where we look at these personalities that continually influence our  lives in a new and contemporary way. He alters the portraits of the presidential candidates with a touch of African graphics (in his own words) to bring humor and a light hearted touch to the frequently criticized personalities.

Brian hopes that people will be amused and leave with a sense of unity and pride in our diversity as Kenyans.

Join us this Thursday 31st January for a one of a kind exhibition ‘ VIONGOZI’ by Brian Omolo.

Exhibition dates: 31st January- 14th February from 9am to 6pm

Viongozi Exhibition


Look out for Brian Omolo’s artist profile tomorrow as we learn more about his work, his processes and the inspiration behind his work.


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