Sculpting galore

Our first workshop this year  was quite brilliant. We had a fantastic 6 day sculpting workshop instructed by our current resident artist Phillips Nzekwe from the 16th to the 21st of January.

The participants had the chance to make all sorts of animal, human and inanimate objects using gravel, sawdust and wire to create sculptures that were as diverse as their personalities.

Here is a sneak peak  for those who missed out.

So, the original idea was to make something like this…well not exactly, but using the same technique.

Phillips nzekwe at kuona trus

Sculpture by Phillips Nzekwe

After a few instructions from the teacher,the class kicked off with the eager participants readt to create something they could proudly show at the end of the workshop.

Phillips Nzekwe at Kuona trust

Phillips Nzekwe instructing his class

Some got the hang of it…

phillips nzekwe at kuona trust

phillips nzekwe at kuona trust

Some almost made it..

kuona trust workshop

And it proved  to be very hard work with others working on a collaborative piece together.

kuona trust workshop

But finally everyone was happy and they all walked away with the sculptures they had made. Congratulations guyz and we hope to see you during the next workshop.

Phillips workshop

A few of the students showing their output from the workshop




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