Sculpting workshop by resident artist Phillips Nzekwe at Kuona Trust from the 16th-21st of January 2013

Join us as we learn some of the contemporary Nigerian sculpting techniques under the instruction of Phillips Nzekwe who is our current resident artist from Nigeria.

About the artist

Phillips started his creative life as both a painter and sculptor but came to the realization that to become master of his craft he has to choose one or the other. A lot of artists he felt were throwing away African forms in preference for Western ones; his choice was a deliberate decision to focus on what and how his ancestors practised the plastic arts. He also had another reason for his choice; Phillips wants to leave enduring works, works which he has created as the synthesis of the two worlds he inhabits, of African  and Western ideology AND to replace for future generations some of  the art misappropriated during the colonial times.  He says his works are ‘archival material which create a link between our past, present and future through an exploration of the formal elements”. His works arim at “celebrating Africa’s rich culture in re-constructing a new African Society that blends western and African traditional idealogies.”


Phillips Nzekwe working on a sculpture in his studio at Kuona Trust

                  Workshop dates: 16th-21st January 2013

                  Time: 10am -4pm

                  Charges: Ksh 500 for the full workshop which includes materials and lunch.


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