Kuona Mini Art Sale

Artist: Maryann Muthoni
Medium: Mixed Media
Price:15,000 kshs

Artist: Wycliffe Opondi
Medium: Wood-cut print
Price: 10,000

Artist: Paul Onditi
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: 10,000 kshs
Artist: Moses Nyawanda
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 6,000 kshs
Artist: Rosemary Ahono
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 7,000 kshs
Artist: Cyrus Ng’ang’a
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 5,000 Kshs
Artist: Fawaz El Said
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 15,000kshs
Artist: Yassir Ali
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 15,000
Artist: Ermias ekube
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 5.000 kshs
Artist: Dinesh Revankar
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 5,000 kshs
Artist: Rosemary Ahono Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price: 5,000 kshs
Artist: Rosemary Ahono
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 5,000 kshs
Artist: Moses Nyawanda
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 6,000 kshs

Artist: Wycliffe Opondi
Medium: Wood-cut print
Price: 5,000

Artist: Wycliffe Opondi
Medium: Wood-cut print
Price: 5,000

Artist: Micheal Dete
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: 15,000

Artist: Moses Nyawanda
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 6,000 kshs

Artist: Micheal Dete
Medium: Mixed Media
Price: 15,000

Artist: Andrew Njoroge
Medium: Portrait
Price: 3,000 kshs

Artist: Andrew Njoroge
Medium: Portrait
Price: 3,000 kshs

Artist: Wycliffe Opondi
Medium: Wood-cut print
Price: 7,000

Artist: Tony Mugo
Medium: Mix media
Price: 10,000

Kuona Trust November Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Kuona Trust Mini Art Sale

Kuona Trust will have a one month Sale of artworks, from the 15th of November – 15th of December 2012. The art on sale will include paintings and sculptures with prices ranging  from  Ksh 3,000/-  to Ksh 15,000/-. This is an opportunity for you to own an original piece of artwork at an all time low price. The Christmas shopping season is here so come buy your unique gifts at Kuona.

The variety of artwork shall be on display and up for sale at Kuona Trust Art Centre.

 Exhibition by Moses Nyawanda: ‘Ordinary People, Ordinary Politics’

Moses Nyawanda’s paintings are both humorous and enlightening on the behavior of mankind. While his style of painting  is distinct with use of vibrant colours he has managed to remain relevant highlighting some of the issues experienced by the average Kenyan. He also features a fellow artist, Michael Dete who will be showing a few of his  recent sculptures. Make sure you pass by the Nairobi National Museum before the 6th of December 2012 to have a look at this exhibition.

Both artists are based at Kuona Trust Art Centre

Kuona Trust Open Day

Save these dates!!   14th and 15th of DECEMBER 2012

The Kuona Open Day is only getting bigger and better and this year we are set for an exciting 2 day event on the 14th and  15th of December 2012.

Some of the collaborations for this year’s event include Kwani Trust, Picha Sauti, Kilimani Project, Absolute Vodka amongst others, to bring you some exciting art workshops and activities, an exhibition and an evening of great entertainment and performances.

In Collaboration with Kwani Trust, you will  have the opportunity to be part of an exhibition featuring artists from the Horn of Africa region which will open on the 14th  of  December, in the Kuona Trust gallery. Some of the artists exhibiting will  be Yassir Ali, Fawas El Said and Ermias Ekube all based at Kuona Trust. Other Nairobi based artists include Dekar and Nega from Somalia; Eltayeb and Hassan from Sudan.

On the 15th of December,we have organized some exciting family activities that include a full day of art workshops for all ages, a white t-shirt party, caricature drawing, an art build and much much more.  You also don’t want to miss out on your opportunity of  winning lots of exciting prizes from the raffle which might include an airticket to an exciting destination in Kenya.

 Kilimani Street Festival

Kuona trust has partnered with the Kilimani project in a community outreach  which aims to bring pride of place, ownership and community to all those who have interest in this area. This community project will stimulate reflection of Kilimani’s historic evolution, assess and appreciate its current attributes and shape its 2030 future.

One of the planned activities will be the Kilimani street festival on the 15th of December with an after party at Kuona Trust. Come and experience the spirit of community whilst  enjoying some live entertainment and art activities.

Kuona in the company of Royalty

German Royals Camilla and Marie Wittgenstein paid us a visit last month courtesy of the Circle Art Agency. They were keen to view and purchase artwork from the artists as well as find ways in which they could possibly tap into the emerging African art scene that has gained prominence over the last decade.

The duo enjoyed their guided tour around the artist studios and even managed to secure a few artworks to add to their private collection back in Germany. It was great to have them at Kuona.

German Royals tour of Kuona Trust

Robert Deverex’s interview for  the Financial times

Robert Devereux is credited for being an art lover and collector as well as an art philanthropist. He has supported many charities and art organizations such as Kuona Trust.  At Kuona, Robert donated the stretch of green studios which act as individual art studios for about 7 artists.  Recently, Robert was interviewed by the Financial Times for and article dabbed ‘ HOW TO SPEND IT’ where he talks about the inspiration behind his support of the arts as well as his current and future plans.

Click on the link below for the full interview.

Images were taken in one of the Kuona Trust studios with a few pieces from Robert’s collection.


Robert Devereux

Colour Printing Workshop

One of our Artists and master print maker, John Silver taught  a colour printing workshop to a group of 10 participants. The group will learn how to make prints from a wood cut surface using the color reduction process. This workshop ran from the 13th to the 16th of November 2012.

Print by John Silver



Hidden Beauty by Adil Roufi

The Hidden Beauty exhibition opened at Kuona Trust on the 17th of October 2012 and run till  22nd  October. With this body of work, artist Adil Roufi was exploring the world of beauty and the pressures of the modern world on the woman today. We had a wonderful turn out at the opening with very interesting guests who were pretty new to Kuona. Adil Roufi is a Moroccan artist with a studio at Kuona, and whose  work has continued to gain recognition from the Kenyan art community. In case you missed the exhibition, some of the artwork is still available for view and sale in his studio.

‘A Golden State of Mind’ exhibition by Brian Kivuti

‘A Golden State of Mind’ was an exhibition and installation by artist Brian Kivuti that focused on our perceptions of life and the different experiences it brings us. This was by far one of the most absorbing exhibitions we have had this year. The video and sound installation formed a tranquil atmosphere in the gallery which complemented the landscape setting he had created by lining the floor and part of the wall with a thick grass carpet. Setting up the gallery was not an an easy process, however the result was quite satisfactory.

Setting up for the exhibition

The public feedback and response to this installation was overwhelming and exciting. Due to public demand we extended the show for an extra 3 days to allow more people to view it. The show finally came down on the 5th of November 2012.

‘A Golden State of Mind’ Exhibition in the Kuona Trust gallery

During the course of the exhibition, Brian had an artist presentation in the gallery and was able to  share his thoughts about his work, the concept behind the exhibition and his future plans with other artists and members of the public.

Brian Kivuti’s presentation


Life Drawing Workshop by Ermias Ekube

Ermias Ekube is one artist who  is able to produce a near  replica of a person or an object with incredible detail. He has been teaching a series of life drawing workshops at Kuona Trust for the past three Saturdays. With pencils and charcoal the participants were taught how to draw figures and forms from observation. The last session in this series is set for the 17th of November 2012.

Ermias Ekube’s life drawing workshop

Stone Sculpting workshop with Anthony Wanjau

Anthony Wanjau had 7 participants chipping away at blocks of blue stone in a stone sculpting workshop he instructed recently. The eight day workshop ended in a colourful ceremony with participants displaying the sculptures they had made and receiving certificates of participation from our director.

The final pieces from the sculpting workshop

Life Drawing Workshop with Gor Soudan

Students from Braeburn Imani came in for a brief tour of Kuona Trust  and took part in  a life drawing workshop under the instruction of artist Gor Soudan who works mainly in recycled material.

Braeburn Imani life drawing workshop

Visit from the University of Nairobi

The architectural  and design students from the University of Nairobi came to Kuona trust on one afternoon for a study tour. There has always been a relationship between the arts and architecture and they were keen to find out the unifying factor between the two. All 70 of them had the chance to have one on one talks with the artists and learn more about the arts.

University of Nairobi architecture students

External Events

KLA & Art at Work

Uganda’s first Contemporary Art Festival took  to the streets of Kampala from the 7th – 14th October 2012.The festival involved the transformation of 12 container structures by the participating artists. They would later on become individual exhibition spaces to showcase the exciting work of Uganda’s visual artists. The public was also invited to participate in artist talks, workshops and discussions at the art venues.

Two of our staff members had the chance to go to the festival and were able to meet and interact with some of the stakeholders in the Ugandan art scene as well as other artists. Our director Sylvia Gichia was part of the panel of judges that juried the work and picked the winners who presented  the best installation piece.

Sarit Centre Annual Art Materials Sale

Kuona Trust collaborated with the Text Book in their annual sale of art materials to sensitize the public on the arts and where they can purchase art materials. One of our artists Anthony Njoroge was also there during that weekend drawing portraits of onlookers who were simply taken a back by how  the pictures came to life.

Kuona Trust also has an art shop that sells a variety of art materials from canvas to paint as well as small gift items.

Text book Centre display
Insert: Andrew Njoroge doing a customer’s portrait

Soul Voyage III at Kuona Trust

‘Soul Voyage: A Musical Journey’,is a jazz musical concert showcasing unique homegrown musicians and is held on the Kuona grounds. This event is held quarterly, as an afternoon of exceptional jazz by the Throne Quartet Band and set against an art backdrop. Soul Voyage has continued to gather a number of jazz enthusiasts and followers who turned out for the event held at Kuona trust. You can catch the live performance by the Throne Quartet every week at the Caribea Restaurant.

Shop update

Great news, we now have in stock a variety of Kuona Trust branded T-shirts. They are the first edition of a series of T-shirts that we intend to produce over the next few months. Make sure to get one now in this limited edition offer.

The first edition of the Kuona Trust branded t-shirts

2013 Kenya Arts Diary– Now in stock at the Kuona Shop. This very sort after diary showcases some of the most prominent artists in the Kenyan art scene as well as other emerging artists who are new to the Kenyan art scene.  Get your copy now before they all run out.

Resource Centre

Our resource Centre  is currently undergoing some upgrades and taking on a much needed facelift all thanks to the support from our partners at the Triangle Network and Bloomberg. You will soon be able to view the catalogue of books online as well as access other online art publications.

The library is now more spacious with new shelves and furniture. We had to say goodbye to the 10year old broken computers as we gladly welcomed the new computers which the artist  have completely embraced. These changes have immensely increased  efficiency and effectiveness of research and communication at the centre. We are now looking to fill up all the new shelf space and we need to upgrade our book collection. Any donations of art books/videos are all highly welcome!!!

Our resource centre before the facelift

The resource centre’s new and improved look

On that note the book of the Month is…‘Anatomy For the Artist’ by Jeno Barcsay.

In line with the Life Drawing classes we’ve  had for the past month, we decided to feature the book which describes forms, body parts and anatomical structures, and is a great guide to those keen on the human form.

Events in and around Nairobi

1. The Stone Art exhibition on Friday 16th November 2012

At Nairobi Railway Museum Art Gallery, near Nairobi Railway Station on 16 – 30 November, 2012
Title: Peace & Harmony for All Thru’ Art in Stone
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 PM

2. Timothy Brooke’s exhibition ‘…and another thing’

Opens at One Off on Sunday 18th November from 11am to 5pm

3. Riziki by Thom Ogonga at Alliance Francaise on Wednesday 14th November 2012

An exhibition of recent paintings & prints by Ogonga Thom featuring his current body of work where he has combined his ‘typical illustrative paintings & drawings’ while experimenting with conventional print making techniques in painting.

He is exploring human relationships while interrogating how humans behave within a space depending on who/what is in that particular space within the threshold of darkness (nightlife) as the core theme of his work.


4. Funika-Fufuka [Cover-Recover]

This is a contemporary Art exhibition at the residency of the Belgian ambassador featuring James Muriuki, Gonda Geets, Peterson Kamwathi, Xarvier        Verhost, Dennis Muraguri among other Kenyan and Belgian artists.
Invite is by card only.

5. Dreams of Life at Banana Hill Art Gallery by Ken and George from 10am to 6pm

6. Matatu project in Movement with Dennis Muraguri and Nishio Workshop Nairobi at Lerustique from December 7th to 5th January 2012

7. Life Expressions Exhibition group exhibition at the Village Market featuring Mosoti Kepha, Peter Kenyana, Cartoon Joseph and Kinyanjui

Opportunities for artists

1. Artistic exchange in Egypt – Fayoum Winter Academy 2013

This is a call for artists interested in applying for the seventh edition of Fayoum Winter Academy 2013 in Egypt.

The academy is an opportunity for artists to meet in Fayoum, Egypt, for six weeks of artistic and cultural exchange. 10 international and 10 Egyptian artists will live, work and develop ideas together and receive supervision from instructors that are available during the academy. Courses include painting, printmaking, sculpture, video & filming and performance & installation art. This year also musicians and writers are encouraged to apply.

Applications should be sent to: winteracademy.ablamuseum@gmail.com

Deadline for application is December 15th 2012 and participants will be selected before January 1st 2013.

2. Hot  Glass Residency in Scotland :1 April to 10 May 2013

North Lands Creative Glass is offering a six week residency for four talented artists working in hot glass.. The residency will offer the opportunity to create work and collaborate with other artists while also developing new techniques and ideas. Artists-in-residence benefit from a comprehensive range of facilities in the Alastair Pilkington Studio.

Applications must be received by North Lands Creative Glass by 16 November 2012

The selection panel will make the residency awards by 14 December 2012.

For more detailed information:


E-mail: info@northlandsglass.com

Telephone +44(0)1593 721229

3. International Photo Competition at Alliance Française

The Alliance Française Foundation invites entries from amateur photographers for the 3rd edition of the International Photo Competition.

This year’s theme is ‘Trades of the World’. The objective is to beautifully capture men and women going about their daily lives, engaged in the variety of extraordinary trades to be found around the world.

You have until 11th January 2013 (midnight) to send in your photographs with a chance of winning a trip to Paris, exhibiting your work in a Parisian gallery and having your photographs published in specialized Arts and Photography publications.

For the competition rules visit our website: http://www.afkenya.or.ke/

4. For more residency opportunities look up the following websites:

Editorial Note- Quote of the month

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

~Thomas Merton

                                 Kuona Trust light moments…

Kuona Trust Administrator Sheila Akwany with Programmes and Marketing officer Renee Mboya

We hope you have found this newsletter informative as well as interesting and that it has added a bit of our world to yours. We here at Kuona Trust are always happy to hear from you. You may leave a comment


Recap of the Weekend’s activities

We  had an interesting weekend  at Kuona Trust last week.We have chosen to highlight a few of the  activities that took place .Feel free to give us feedback and tell us all the wonderful things that you think we might be interested in. So here we go..

‘Soul Voyage: A Musical journey’

The 3rd edition of  the Soul voyage jazz festival  took place on Saturday, drawing crowds from different corners of Nairobi. The audience was entertained by the members of the throne quartet band and had the chance to enjoy fine wine and food from the snack bar. They also had the opportunity to mingle with the artists at Kuona and get their hands on some authentic Kenyan artwork.

Look out for the next Soul voyage event set for December this year.

The set up just before the event kicked off

some of the guests that attended the event


Life Drawing Workshop

This happened to be the second of a series of life drawing workshops that are currently being taught at  Kuona Trust due to increased demand for the same from the public. The participants turned up in large numbers braving the early morning rain that continued up until midday. The next class will continue this coming Saturday from 10am to 1pm.Feel free to contact us and sign up  if you would like to attend the class-only two sessions left!

Life drawing class with Ermias Ekube

Ongoing exhibition: ‘A Golden State of Mind by Brian Kivuti

This exhibition was extended to the 3rd of November 2012 due to public demand. We were very impressed by the turnout over the weekend and though the exhibition comes down tomorrow we look forward to  the actual exhibition that will be held at the National Museum in December this year. The artist Brian Kivuti had a short presentation last week with the artists who got to interact with him and ask him more about his project and the  inspiration to do what he does.

A Golden State of Mind Exhibition


The stone sculpting participants graduate!!

After 8days of hard work, the participants of the stone sculpting workshop finally completed their sculptures and presented them to us  yesterday in a small but colourful ceremony that took place in our sculptural park.Participants were presented with  certificates by our director Sylvia Gichia.

Congratulations: Janeth Magnilia,Timothy,David Mwaniki,Lionel Garang,Sunita Kapila and Tonney Mugo

Participants receiving their certificates

Some of the sculptures made by the participants of the stone sculpting workshop


Kuona Trust collaborates with the Text Book Centre

Last weekend we teamed up with the Text Book Centre Bookshop at the Sarit Centre in an initiative to build more awareness on art and essentially where people can buy art materials. We had an art display of  the works of about about 10 artists from Kuona Trust.Andrew Njoroge,one of our artists was also there  doing portraits of onlookers who came by to ask questions and learn more about the artwork.

Kuona Trust also has an art shop on site that stocks a variety of art materials including brushes, acrylic paints, canvas and pencils among others.Its also a good place to buy a souvenir or a gift for a friend.You can take advantage of our low prices and get yourself an original piece of art work.

An onlooker viewing some of the works on display