Recap of the Film4Peace screening held at Kuona Trust

Peace is a factor that is often taken for granted especially in countries that have not experienced any form of violence or civil unrest. Well,we as the Kuona Trust family took time to promote and celebrate peace. On the 21st of September,World peace day,we collaborated with PUMA in screening a film that featured the works of 21 contemporary artists interpreting their understanding of peace.This was part of  an annual global initiative that aims at promoting peace all over the world. Based on the same theme Peterson Kamwathi also showcased works from his recent studies in the Kuona Trust  gallery.

As you catch a glimpse of the happenings of the event,think of what part you can play in promoting peace in your country.

Beatrice Wanjiku and Gakunju Kaigwa viewing some of the works by Peterson Kamwathi in the Kuona Trust gallery


The audience at the Film4Peace event held at Kuona Trust on World Peace day



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