Finally,an artist friendly bank

To be honest,finding the right bank could prove to be difficult and the idea of personalized banking is still new to most of us.While the dynamics of banking are not so complex,one  finds relief in knowing that they can always have someone ready to give them free advise on how to manage your finances.

Chase bank came in last week and had an interactive session with artists and staff of Kuona Trusts.They outlined the customized services they offer not only to the general public but to the artists as well. At the top of the list were issues on insuring  artwork,managing a savings account without a steady flow of income, accessing loans and even giving artwork as security for loans! Further more they offer the best exchange rates in town for those who have clients from oversees.

This is definitely a bank you might want to check it out.

We would be happy to connect any one who is interested in accessing advice on their finances to the right relationship officer.Here is a glimpse of how the session was..

Jeniffer Kiungu,Senior Relationships officer at Chase Bank with her team during a mentoring session at Kuona Trust

Kuona Trust artists during the Chase bank mentoring session




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