Throne Africa Ltd and Kuona Trust have partnered to bring you Soul Voyage | A Musical Journey which comprises of live contemporary Afro Jazz, Acoustic Soul and Afro Fusion music. SOUL VOYAGE debuted at Alliance Française in March 2011 on a mission to showcase unique locally grown musical talent and elevate these quality performances to world renowned standards. This year, Soul Voyage has been given a fresh twist by being held at Kuona Trust Art Centre off Denis Pritt Road, now Every first Saturday of the month starting this weekend – 1st September 2012, from 2 to 6pm.


 It’s an afternoon of fresh, unique and feel-good music, set on a natural art backdrop with metal and wooden sculptures alongside paint and stained glass works. Logs and haystacks for seats and the best laid back, feel-good music from well-groomed and seasoned musicians and masters of their crafts. A remarkable snack and cocktail bar is set up to serve tasty snacks and accompaniments to tease your taste buds and creative cocktails to ease your nerves and enhance your mood. The musicians being featured in this show will be:-

The Throne Quartet (Main Band),

Jack Anduuru (Renowned Saxophonist),

A SURPRISE guest artist,

DJ INFINITY (celebrated soul DJ)

The special feature for the day is dubbed ‘The Saxxy Medley’. This is a unique and rarely executable combo of the DJ, Saxophonist and a live band back line.

NEXT SHOW: Throne Quartet, featured artists such as Fadhilee Itulia, Mutinda, LiveART Fusion (artists painting to live music) and much much more.


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