Craft Afrika Party

ImageKuona Trust will be hosting Craft Afrika this weekend, in support of the Bring Zack Back campaign, for a fundraising craft party on the 25th August 2012. The party starts at 9am and goes on till the last person leaves!!

On 9th June, Zack Kimotho, 44, set out on his wheelchair to South Africa on a 4000km journey. He is attempting to raise 250million shillings for the construction of a spinal injury treatment center in Nairobi.

To date, 73million has been raised in phase one of the fundraising effort. There is still 177million to go.

The Craft Party will involve plenty of DIY craft activities, art and craft items for sale, food, live entertainment (featuring Stan, Sage & Christine the Jazzist, Maia von Lekow, Valentine Ziki and an appearance by Sara Mitaru), kids entertainment, PLUS an opportunity for you to send a personal video message of encouragement to Zack.

Bring out the whole family for a day out in the August sunshine, in an atmosphere like no other, for a cause that should be as real to us as it is to Zack.


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