Kuona News

Hallo Kuona Family,

Last week Kuona had a variety of events. It was a busy and exciting week. We started off with Ntando’s workshop at the space. Later on she had a talk at the Goethe institute on performance arts.

There was an artist presentation by Joel Lukhovi and Amunga Eshuchi who are photographers. They shared with the artists their experiences and work.  Cyrus Kabiru, returned from his week long trip in London. We had missed him very much.

As the week drew to a close, we had two exhibitions by the two international residents. That is Ntando Cele and Mario Macilau. The exhibitions dubbed “Ithumba” and “Living on the edge of the world” Ithumba is a ritual act of last recourse born of extreme anger, frustration, humiliation and failure of prior efforts to resolve a conflict. It is a chain re action of events. The Mozambican photographer Mário Macilau  worked during his artistic residency in one of the biggest dumpsters of Africa in Nairobi, capital of Kenya. His goal was to draw attention to the human failure in preserving the environment. The theater company entertained us as we had a bite right before Ntando’s performance.

Shabu from Wajukuu held a kite Workshop for children at the end of the week.

Renee, our amazing Programs and Marketing manager had a chat with our friend from Wilart. Promises of better things to come.

This week our highlight is a glass workshop by Tonny Mugo. For updates on this please join our Facebook page here. You could also follow us on twitter here. We guarantee a follow back.

Have a wonderful week.


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