Kuona News

Kuona Trust has been buzzing with activity this past week. Where do we start? We have new caterers at the space. We probably have added a few pounds, thanks to their wonderful cooking. The week begun on a high note, Ntando Cele, a perfomance artist held a workshop with local performance artists. Ntando Cele is an international resident artist based at Kuona for the past two months. Our newsletter is out. It is fun and exciting. to view it, please click here. As the week progressed, Mario Macilau held a day long photography workshop at the space. The week ended with a happy hour that brought HIVOS and Kuona Trust together. Nerema school graced the space with a visit and learnt a little more about art. Ntando Cele, had a talk at the Goethe Institute.View photos of that event here. The turn out was great. She shared her knowledge on performance arts. We had a presentation by Joel Lukhovi and Amunga Eshuchi on photography. Coming up this week, is an exhibition on Friday the 27th of July. You can find more details here.



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