Cyrus Kabiru And His Passport To Success.

TEDGlobal 2012 fellow, Cyrus Kabiru, the self-taught artist from Nairobi, described by The Independent as “one of Africa’s most inventive artists” will be visiting London following the British High Commission’s dramatic reversal of their decision to deny him a visa to the UK.  Unable to collect his TEDGlobal fellowship in Edinburgh, as the visa came too late, Kabiru will now be hosted in London from 15th – 22nd July by his UK agent Ed Cross Fine Art.  Building on an established body of work which uses found objects to address our relationships with the cities we live in, Kabiru will lead a one-off workshop as part of the V22 Summer School, creating site specific sculpture with objects found and bought from the markets of south London.  Featured below in his signature “C-Stunners”, the world-beating brand of glass less, glasses, Kabiru’s most celebrated work will be featured in an exhibition on eye wear at the Fashion Space Gallery in September.

Widely known and documented on the internet, Kabiru’s visit to London marks a new phase in the dissemination of his innovative and witty art forms.  Kabiru will now collect his TEDGlobal fellowship in Los Angeles in January but in the meantime London is fortunate to have the opportunity to host one of the most exciting emerging artists



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