Up and About at Kuona Trust

Hallo, Kuona family.

It has been a great week at the space with so much happening at the space. smART power has come to an end. We are sad to see Miguel Luciano leave us. He has been at Kuona for the last two months, working together with the communities and Kuona Trust on a kite project. The Kite project was essentially about flying as a metaphor for freedom. Each hand-made kite incorporated a life-size photographic portrait of the person that made it. The idea was that when the kites were flown, each young person saw their own image soaring in the sky above. It was an empowering and poetic experience when the kites were flown en masse. The kites became visual metaphors for our universal desires to fly and be free. The feedbsck from the communites has ben nothing short of amazing. He worked together with local artists in Mukuru, Kayaba, Korogocho and Nakuru communities.



We welcome to the space three residents. They are; Mario Macilau from Mozambique, Mathew Owino from Kenya and Ntando Cele from South Africa.Mario Macilau was born in the newly independent Mozambique. He started his journey as a photographer in 2003 and engaged to professional level when he traded his mother’s cell phone for his first camera in 2007.He specializes in long term projects focus on living and environmental conditions over the time in his home country. He uses this to confront te realism of power, environment and cultural heritage that affect the socially isolated groups and issues that define our times.

Mathew Owino is a Kenyan artist who resides in Nanyuki. He is a painter and illustrator and has touched lives of many. He works with disabled children in a home in Naru Moru. His work provide healing sessions through fine arts i.e art therapy.

Inspired by Kettyl Noel, Ntando Cele’s performances normally involves a stereotype character, text, movement and a strong performance style. She has been involved in diverse projects writing as a slam poet, acting, choreography and teaching. To see her at work click here.

We had a booth at the SawaSawa festival that was the culmination of a three day workshop with artists from Kuona Trust, The Godown and Sarakasi Trust. Under the maboomboom name, we came up with an interactive workshop.We had a dancer, an acrobat, a painter and the public who worked together to produce a live canvas.

ImageImageImage Image

If you have not been to the Michael Joseph centre at the Safaricom house, please make your way there. There happens to be an amazing exhibition by Zia Manji. He is a Kenyan fine art, black and white photographer who has developed a unique style focusing on waterscapes. Equilibrium is his first exhibition and reveals thirty photographs from a body of work including the beaches of the Indian Ocean, the lakes of the Great Rift Valley, and France, waterways in Venice and the lochs of Scotland.

We pass our condolences to the family of those who perished on the 10th June. Our hearts are with you.


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