Kuona This week:

Happy African Liberation Day!!

smART Power

It had been an elating week at Kuona Trust.SmARTpower is an initiative for visual artists from the United States. It is a program created by Hilary Clinton, under the Obama administrations in attempts to improve U.S foreign relations. Kuona and smART power work together and have invited Miguel Luciano to Kenya for two months to work on his kite project.The Kite project is essentially about flying as a metaphor for freedom. Each hand-made kite incorporates a life-size photographic portrait of the person that makes it. The idea is that when the kites are flown, each young person sees their own image soaring in the sky above. It can be an empowering and poetic experience, particularly when the kites are flown en masse. He has visited Mukuru, Kayaba, Korogocho and The National Museum of Kenya. He is set to go out to Nakuru next week. Learn more about Miguel on  www.miguelluciano.com

Artpreneurship: The Business of Art.

Is the artist capable of being the businessman? Do you need to choke yourself with a tie to sell art? Is it possible to be yourself, bloom and create and yet sell better than a car salesman? David Muriithi gave an insightful talk at our space this week. The talk touched on Artist Presentation, How to price work, Copyright laws for artists and much more. In a few hours, we were enriched and grateful thanks to David. Find out more about him on http://about.me/davidmuriithi

Screen On The Green.

Screen on the Green is a platform for African filmmakers to show their movies, films, documentaries and short films. Screen on the Green delivers a unique and exciting experience for the local audience.


The Owner

This week at Kuona Trust, Screen on the Green is showing two movies on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of May. Gates open at 6.30 and charges 500 (five hundred Kenya shillings) per head. Films showing are:

The Owner: Watch here

SPUD: Watch here

Come all 🙂

Looking up to a dotty week. Have a great weekend.

Love Kuona